Design File Policy

As a customer/client of Bella Bleu Embroidery, by purchasing design files you understand that...

  • These files are "Embroidery Machine Files".
  • You need an Embroidery Machine to use this file.
  • You will need software/hardware to transfer the design to your embroidery machine in order to use this file.
  • All designs will download instantly after payment!
  • Design files are downloaded as a ZIP file.
  • You will need to EXTRACT the ZIP file for your embroidery machine.
  • The ZIP file will contain the following machine formats:

Bella Blue Embroidery's sole purpose is to provide you with the file as purchased. We do not venture into servicing your computer or sewing machine. Once the file is downloaded, our part of the sale to you is completed. Please ensure that you backup your files to a proper backup system or to the Cloud, if you have access to a cloud-based backup service. Bella Bleu Embroidery is not responsible for lost files and if you need replacement files, there will be a $5 charge to replace lost files paid up front before your files are regathered.  Free designs will never be resent.