Sea Gnome 2 Scribble with Sea horse

Bella Bleu Embroidery


Sea Gnomes are so mystical and cute!  Well gnomes in general are cute but check out these little guys, they will make you giggle!

Designs are a scribble design which means they are open and airy and not like traditional fill designs. They are whimsy and a quick stitch!

Product Specs: 

Sea Gnome 2: 

5x7:  6.28 x 4.8  29682

6x10:  5.88 x 7.53 34034

7x11:  8.81 x 6.88 38503

8x12:  10.09 x 7.88 42764

Formats Included:  pes, exp, dst, jef, hus, vp3,sew, xxx