Gobblers Set - 3 Sizes!

Bella Bleu Embroidery


This beautiful set of Fall And Thanksgiving designs will set the stage for the crisp chill of the season. Each design includes three sizes.

Products Specs


4"x4" Product Specs
Finish Size: Tree 3.26" x 3.91"
Stitch Count: Tree 6464
Finish Size: Pumpkin 2.93" x 3.93"
Stitch Count: Pumpkin 9676
Finish Size: Turkey 2 3.20" x 3.91"
Stitch Count: Turkey 2 14335
Finish Size: Gobble Gobble 3.56" x 3.60"
Stitch Count: Gobble Gobble 6689
Finish Size: Turkey 1 3.93" x 3.72"
Stitch Count: Turkey 1 17184
Finish Size: Wagon 3.93" x 2.38"
Stitch Count: Wagon 9983
5"x7" Product Specs
Finish Size: Tree 4.89" x 5.86"
Stitch Count: Tree 10519
Finish Size: Pumpkin 3.96" x 5.32"
Stitch Count: Pumpkin 14920
Finish Size: Pumpkin 4.98" x 6.68"
Stitch Count: Pumpkin 22568
Finish Size: Turkey 2 4.89" x 6.00"
Stitch Count: Turkey 2 29197
Finish Size: Gobble Gobble 4.80" x 4.46"
Stitch Count: Gobble Gobble 8746
Finish Size: Turkey 1 4.98" x 5.26"
Stitch Count: Turkey 1 27369
Finish Size: Wagon 4.22" x 6.95"
Stitch Count: Wagon 25539
6"x10" Product Specs
Finish Size: Tree 5.97" x 7.17"
Stitch Count: Tree 13719
Finish Size: Turkey 2 6.00" x 7.36"
Stitch Count: Turkey 2 41597
Finish Size: Gobble Gobble 5.49" x 5.72"
Stitch Count: Gobble Gobble 12192
Finish Size: Turkey 1 6.33" x 6.00"
Stitch Count: Turkey 1 37606
Finish Size: Wagon 9.31" x 5.65"
Stitch Count: Wagon 41662

This file contains the following embroidery machine formats: SHV, HUS, PES, JEF, SEW, VIP, EXP, XXX, DST, ART

This file is for the embroidery design only. You must have your own embroidery design software or software such as the Amazing Box or Magic Box to write this design to your machine.

Copyright 2007 by Abigail Michelle. (BBE owns AM)
Purchaser may embroider on items for personal use, to give away or on limited items to sell (less than 200 total). Please obtain permission in writing if you need to embroider more.
Designs and design files may not be sold, given away, traded, copied or otherwise transferred.
All rights remain with Bella Bleu Embroidery/Abigail Michelle