Sea Gnome 4 Scribble with a message in a bottle

Bella Bleu Embroidery


Sea Gnomes are so mystical and cute!  Well gnomes in general are cute but check out these little guys, they will make you giggle!

Designs are a scribble design which means they are open and airy and not like traditional fill designs. They are whimsy and a quick stitch!

Product Specs: 

Sea Gnome 4:

4x4:  3.89 x 2.70 12098

5x7:  6.89 x 4.78 18270

6x10:  8.45 x 5.86 21403

7x11:  9.90 x 6.86 24222

8x12:  11.34 x 7.86 27057

Formats Included:  pes, exp, dst, jef, hus, vp3,sew, xxx